The Evansville Bar Association is pleased to be able to offer the following listservs to our membership. You may use the listserve if you’re a member of the designated group, committee or section. To use the listserv, simply select the appropriate e-mail address and send your message. If you are not allowed to send the message, this probably means you are not shown on the EBA data base as a member of that particular group. If this happens you may contact the EBA office or Susan at to check your status and/or become a member of the group.

Before you access a listserv, please read the EBA Listserv Policies below!


Intended Use and Disclaimer

A listserv is an automated means of distributing e-mail. Mail sent to a listserv is automatically sent to all members of the listserv for information, discussion, and reply. The Evansville Bar Association (“EBA”) Listservs are provided as a benefit to members of the EBA for the purpose of exchanging information, assistance, debate, and discussion of professional issues among members of the EBA on topics of common interest.

The comments and messages posted to the Listservs were, are and will always be the sole opinions of the individuals leaving them. The EBA does not endorse, condone, agree with, or sponsor these comments and messages. Responsibility for what is sent or posted lies with the individual sender only. The EBA is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of content or advice, or for any opinions expressed in any message posted to the EBA Listservs. The EBA does not assume any liability or responsibility for any damages arising in any way out of the use or reliance on any information posted on the EBA Listservs.

Privacy Policy

Messages and emails sent to the Listservs are not private. All postings and replies to postings (unless limited to respond to sender only) go all Listserv members. Members are discouraged from forwarding postings to non-members.

It is the intent that the Listservs be a closed forum for the use of members only. Do not pass along postings to others. If you feel a strong desire to share what you’ve learned on a Listserv, please discuss it first with the author.

Avoid disparaging comments or other offensive material. Do not use the Listservs to harass, abuse, threaten, or advocate violence against other members, individuals or groups. Do not post content that is obscene, objectionable, or disrespectful.

Violation of any of the privacy policies of the EBA may subject the offender to limitation or termination of Listserv access. Posting of material which is in any way harmful or obscene, or which is disparaging or insulting to any person or persons based on race, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation, may subject the poster to termination of Listserv access and, if appropriate, reporting to the proper authorities.


Although the EBA has no obligation to monitor any messages or comments, the staff of the EBA or others designated by the EBA Board of Directors reserve the right at all times to refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that in the EBA’s sole discretion are objectionable. You may report any abusive, offensive, objectionable or inappropriate postings to the EBA by emailing your complaint to: Susan Vollmer at At the sole discretion of the EBA Board of Directors or its designee, any person posting on the Listservs may have access to the Listservs limited or revoked for any reason whatsoever.


To the extent reasonably feasible, the EBA will remove any member’s name from a Listserv upon the request by that member. To request that your name be removed from an EBA Listserv, please contact: Susan Vollmer at

Changes to this Policy

Accessing or using the Listservs in any manner constitutes agreement to be bound by these Policies and Guidelines. Because the Web is an evolving medium, the EBA may change these Policies or Guidelines or impose new or additional policies or guidelines on the Listservs in the future. The EBA may update this policy from time to time without notifying you. By continuing to use the Listservs after any such change, you accept the Policies and Guidelines as modified.